General Construction

Lakeland Construction Group

We provide quality construction services in Northeast Ohio with an architectural eye – from building permits to site development through final landscaping, we give the utmost attention to detail. Our quality steel building systems offer wide open interiors and a variety of bay sizes, eave heights, roof slopes and almost any type of exterior you choose. We give our clients choices and work with them to create a quality, safe and innovative product they’ll be proud of for years to come.

Lakeland is proud to have a variety of construction projects completed to date. We offer turnkey construction of tenant improvements, large-scale remodeling and ground-up construction. Whether you’re renovating your current space or starting from scratch, our team is here to help you with every step of the process.

Lakeland takes great pride in knowing that the buildings we construct today will provide quality work, live and learning environments for our communities.well as your budget.

We focus on understanding not just the building components of each project , but how each individual space functions – from its mission to its vision – to provide the best services in collaboration with the project’s owner, architect and team staff.
Our collaborative process not only determines these unique needs but also develops a project road map that allows Lakeland to assist you and your design team in:

  • Maximizing scope while minimizing cost
  • Creating flexible systems and spaces to meet future growth needs
  • Determining the best energy efficiency systems to protect your staff health and our environment.


We know the importance of estimating and budgeting when making decisions about the scope of work and cost of a project. That’s why we have quality systems and training to assure accurate and uniform estimates. During the pre-construction phase, we can draw on our database of construction projects to provide the client with construction feasibility analysis and cost analysis. Before submitting a final bid, we quantify and compare the costs with our historical files.


Lakeland works diligently with owners to formulate realistic construction schedules. We employ quality planning, scheduling and expediting management tools to allow project team members to cost effectively establish responsibilities, time commitments and alternative schedules. Procurement of materials is tied to fieldwork schedules and tracked from drawing to fabrication.

Our services during construction include:

  • Manage construction and coordinate all subcontractor activities
  • Monitor costs and schedules
  • Maintain quality control standards
  • Problem solving
  • Provide on-going communications and status/cost reports
  • Monitor subcontractor’s safety programs

From pre-construction to the final walk-through and warranty process, our clients’ needs and satisfaction are paramount.
Besides experience, attention to detail and efficient management are key to the success of any project. Through each phase of the process, we constantly seek ways to save you time and money without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.